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TDM Super Panel (Smooth + Embossed)


TDM Super Panel (Smooth + Embossed)


Embossed one side, smooth on the other side with 50+/-2Kg/m3, 20mm thickness, coated on both side with 80 micron embossed aluminium foil and 200 micron smooth aluminium composite colour sheet coupled on the other side. (For outdoor use).

Product Characteristic

TDM Pre-insulated aluminium duct is developed as an alternative to the conventional ducting system. It is a sandwiched panel made of PIR (POLYISOCYANURATE) foam covered in smooth or embossed 80 micron aluminium foil (anti-mould & anti bacterial coated) . Nice in aesthetic, doesn't rust, non fibrous, zero permeability, anti mold and anti bacteria, contain no HCFC, lower air leakage, doesn't absorb moisture and fast installation speed.

All pre-fabrication work can be done before sending to the site, reduce wastages and much lesser workers needed at site . It is silent in operation at site.

TDM duct is very light weight, 6 times lighter than G.I. duct with insulation . This significantly reduced building load, roofing load and ceiling load. Also it uses less hanger , less labour and faster installation time. Suitable for commercial office buidings,factories and malls.

  • Maximum pressure in duct is up to 2,000 Pascal or 8” WG.
  • Can be used for AHU connection due to its high rigidity. Can be easily dismentle and re-assemble back for cleaning, maintenance or modification purposes.
  • Thermal conductivity is 0.022 W/m°C with no mechanical joins on the longitudinal duct section. Therefore is thermally better and very minimal leakage compare to conventional duct system.
  • Nice aesthetic for expose type ducting and can be covered with paint to suit architectural purposes.

Product Specification

Thickness of panel 20mm
Density of panel 50 +/- 2 Kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/m°C
Compressive Strength 200 N/mm2
Weight 1.5 Kg/m2
Working Temperature -60°C to +80°C
Pressure max. in duct 2,000 Pa ( 8 inch WG )
Air flow max in duct 12 m/s

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