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TDM Smooth Panel (Smooth + Embossed)


TDM Smooth Panel (Smooth + Embossed)


Embossed one side, smooth on the other side with 50+/- 2Kg/m3, 20mm thickness, with 80 micron aluminium foil and 150 micron smooth aluminium sheet coupled with layers of corrosion resistant, anti mold & anti bacteria paint. (For clean room, Operation Theatre, semi-con, F&B factory use and etc).

Product Characteristic

TDM Pre-insulated aluminium duct is developed as an alternative to the conventional ducting system. It is a sandwiched panel made of PIR (POLYISOCYANURATE) foam covered in smooth or embossed 80 micron aluminium foil (anti-mould & anti bacterial coated) . Nice in aesthetic, doesn't rust, non fibrous, zero permeability, anti mold and anti bacteria, contain no HCFC, lower air leakage, doesn't absorb moisture and fast installation speed.

All pre-fabrication work can be done before sending to the site, reduce wastages and much lesser workers needed at site . It is silent in operation at site.

TDM duct is very light weight, 6 times lighter than G.I. duct with insulation . This significantly reduced building load, roofing load and ceiling load. Also it uses less hanger , less labour and faster installation time. Suitable for commercial office buidings,factories and malls.

  • Maximum pressure in duct is up to 2,000 Pascal or 8” WG.
  • Can be used for AHU connection due to its high rigidity. Can be easily dismentle and re-assemble back for cleaning, maintenance or modification purposes.
  • Thermal conductivity is 0.022 W/m°C with no mechanical joins on the longitudinal duct section. Therefore is thermally better and very minimal leakage compare to conventional duct system.
  • Nice aesthetic for expose type ducting and can be covered with paint to suit architectural purposes.

Product Specification

Thickness of panel 20mm
Density of panel 50 +/- 2 Kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/m°C
Compressive Strength 200 N/mm2
Weight 1.5 Kg/m2
Working Temperature -60°C to +80°C
Pressure max. in duct 2,000 Pa ( 8 inch WG )
Air flow max in duct 12 m/s

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